Real or Not Real?


Large Foreign Tree Inside Colorado Mountain College Glenwood Springs

Today, I stumbled into the Glenwood Springs Campus to hang out with friends and to also finish up some homework. I met one of my friends inside and we began talking about the many plants inside. She began telling me that they were all real, when I clearly thought they were all from different climate zones around the world. Little did I know, the CMC in Glenwood Springs basically has their own climate zone indoors! From plants and trees you would think only to reside in the Rain forest now are living and growing at mountain climate and indoors! The Glenwood Springs Campus isn’t only a remarkable piece of work, but it is also a great place to hangout with friends, and is very useful to finish up any homework as well.
Crazy how CMC makes it possible. I don’t know what they do, but it sure is gorgeous. You can always stop by to take a look for yourself if you don’t believe me!

Want more information on Glenwood Springs Colorado Mountain College? Feel free to visit their page by clicking the link.

Summer 2013, Here We Come!


Aerial View of Organizations in Calaway Center at Spring Valley

Today, the Job Fair was hosted in CMC Spring Valley’s Calaway Center. Many organizations came to look for help for this upcoming summer!

The Glenwood Springs Caverns, City of Glenwood Springs, the Town of Carbondale and the Town of Aspen participated in hiring employees for summer and much much more. They believe the coming summer may be the busiest of them all! And what better way to earn some extra money than working in something you enjoy. It would kinda be hard to get a job you don’t enjoy with the many great openings available.

You missed the Job Fair, and you really need or want a job, you say? The city town halls will be more than glad enough to give you an application if you head to their offices. Now a’ days, everything is often electronically posted on the organizations website – and you’ll often need to be fill out an online application too. But, it never hurts to give everything your best shot.

Colorado Mountain College also maintains a great CMC Student Jobs website with updated listings for jobs and internships that often closely match CMC degree programs.  These listings are great places to search for jobs and volunteer positions that offer great experience for your resume.:  The site posts regular openings  for marketing assistants, veterinary technicians, grant writers, research assistants, and summer wilderness ranger volunteer positions.

Various Degree’s at CMC!

I am currently working on getting my Associate of Arts, to then be able to obtain a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing. I was surfing the web and I found out about the bachelor’s degrees at Colorado Mountain College!

I was excited to know that I could get the degree I wanted and stay close to home as well. Plus, it saves you a lot more money than getting a bachelor’s degree at a pricier university or college. I don’t know about you, but I am having second thoughts about transferring to a bigger college upon my discovery. Looking for a degree in business? Click here to find out about the bachelor’s degree in business at Colorado Mountain College! If you’re interested in any other degrees, click here to find out about the various types of degrees offered to you at Colorado Mountain College, including bachelor’s degrees!

Zombieland All Over CMC Spring Valley!

Have you ever wondered how it would be like to be in the movie Zombieland? How about running for your life from a zombie? Or even just trying to survive with the feeling of being the prey of some random zombie? Only in CMC Spring Valley will you encounter such a thing.

The game Zombie Week was created for student interactivity, where students bond with each other through fun, energetic strategies. Just like the movie “Zombieland“, regular humans are trying to avoid being eaten (Turned into) a zombie, but they are also trying to help save any human survivors there is out there. The same thing is going on at CMC Spring Valley! The game started off with all

Russel Wild and Logan Gallardo, 2 of the 5 surviving humans

humans and a couple of zombies. As the game progressed, humans were turned into zombies by being tagged by one of them, thus turning them into one of them.

I was able to obtain little information about the zombie survivors and who was already a zombie since the difference is very hard to notice. Regular humans are supposed to wear tied rags around their body, whether it is on their ankle, bicep, leg, etc. Evil zombies are only allowed to wear bandanna’s wrapped either around their necks, as a face cover, and/or their forehead. The difference sounds great, but in reality, it is hard to tell, making it difficult for regular humans to notice.

Since Monday, the campus has been on their toes. Being cautious of wear they go, who they go with and basically not being able to trust anyone who comes near them. Just like in “Zombieland”, regular humans had weapons to defend themselves from an attack. Since weapons are not allowed on campus, or on school grounds (better said), the humans use rolled up socks. Once a zombie is hit by the rolled up sock, the zombie can’t attack any other human for 15 minutes. This comes in handy as well, since the socks are easy to carry, easy to throw and aim precisely and they could come in handy for when you start getting cold.

What’s the point of surviving you ask? Well, for the final survivors of the zombie attack, they will receive various prizes. Now that is something to be a survivor about. It even brings along bragging rights as well. There are many more student activities that involve student bonding on campus later on in the semester, so why not do all of them?

Wan to learn more about the activities done at CMC Spring Valley? Click the link to find out!

Karaoke At CMC!

Have you ever wanted to sing? How about sing with a partner in front of some of your friends? Or maybe even just hang out, eating some pizza? If you said yes to all the above, then Karaoke night is the place for you!

Photo of Ana Vega and Veronica singing at Karaoke Night

I went to Karaoke night for the very first time ever. I have never sung in front of people, or danced “Livin’ La Vida Loca” by Ricky Martin in public, but it ended up happening. I entered the Recker Room, nervous about singing, and to my surprise, I recognized more people than I thought.

Anyways, I was eating some pizza and drinking some coke, and I was dragged into singing “Lips Of An Angel” by Hinder. After that song, I felt like going up and singing as much as possible that night. Probably the best night in my life! I mean, what would be better than having fun with friends, singing and eating free pizza?

So, what else is there in store for the fellow students that live up at CMC Spring Valley campus? Well, every week, events are specially created to relate with anything big that is coming up, so technically, only time can tell.

Alex Alvarado grabs some pizza at CMC Spring Valley Karaoke night.Stay tuned or visit the CMC Spring Valley Facebook page to get more information on future events that YOU can go to.

Myths Of College Life at CMC Spring Valley

CMC students hanging out in front of the Calaway Center, Spring Valley campus.

CMC students hanging out in front of the Calaway Center, Spring Valley campus. Photo courtesy Tyler Stableford.

Before I came to CMC, I always heard rumors about how once you’re in college, you’re life becomes all about homework and exams. I heard that you never have any free time anymore, that all you do is study for scary exams,  and that you end up being ‘no one’ on campus.  I believe that in fact, the exact opposite is true.

It has been about two months since I have started up in CMC Spring Valley and I am loving it! Everyone is friendly to you, even if they do not know you. Ya I understand that they might not know you at all or that someone is from a completely different place than you are, but that doesn’t matter at all. I was greeted by someone  I didn’t really know at all, unless you count having her in class as knowing someone. Later did I find out she was from New York! Ya, that was a good feeling overall. Here’s my breakdown of college life myths.

College Life Myth #1:  College Exams Are Terrifying
Studying for exams is probably the worst feeling in the world. I would know from experience since I already took my first math exam and it was nerve racking. But little did I know, that mostly all of the CMC teachers go over the material that you need to know a class before the exam. For example, my Biology 121 teacher, Rod Taylor, wanted us to go over everything and make sure that we knew the material. He had one whole class for review and trust me, it was probably the best day ever. I personally got questions answered and felt pretty confident about my exam, I even got a good grade on it because of that review day. It would be helpful if you did some studying before hand though, because if you don’t understand something you can always bring those questions to class and ask.

“People will think I’m dumb if I ask this question”.  This is a frequently said quote and my answer to that is “Not At All! ” You might be struggling in that portion, but little do you know that mainly everyone is probably asking themselves the same question you are. Don’t be afraid, the teachers are there to help and want to see you pass no matter what the question is.

College Life Myth #2:  You Never Have Any Free Time in College

Now here is the biggest question of all, “Do I have any free time to myself?” My reply to that is “Yes, you do.”  I go to school Monday-Thursday, I have a part-time job in Aspen on weekends and I always find more free time to myself than I imagined. The reason I am able to get so much free time is because of scheduling everything the right way. By putting important things first, then leveling down from there. For example, I usually get homework from my math class in the morning and have an hour break before my next class, I would go to the library and bust out as much math homework as I could, since the material is fresh in my head and it would help me greatly. Now you ask, “What about work?”  My work hours are very flexible. If, say, one day I know I am going to be busy with homework or something important came up, I could get someone to cover my shift or just simply ask for that day off. Everything turns out fine and maintainable if you know how to schedule yourself well. Sometimes things go for the worst, but since you have scheduled yourself ahead of time, you can easily maneuver through that and still get your homework done and be able to work at the same time.

CMC Students socializing in front of Sopris Residential Hall, Photo courtesy of Tyler Stableford

College Life Myth #3:  In College, You’ll Get Lost in the Crowd

Grades are one thing in college, but it is how interactive you are with the other students that basically count the most. By knowing the students allows yourself to be more involved with the community and its activities, and it also brings in friends to, say, help you with studying for your exam because they probably are going through the same situation. None the less, having people there for you that have the same issues is always a good thing, not only to have a friend in CMC, but to also to help each other in the struggle to maintain good grades.

These are some of the myths I have heard about “College Life” and frankly, I beg to differ with them. The college life is a chance for you to get to know people, have fun, and do a great job with your grades. Not to worry about every little thing that passes your way. And remember, Tomorrow is a bad time to do what you could have done today.


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